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Lpn to Rn Bridge Online Degree Program

What is An Lpn to Rn Bridge Online Degree Program

An LPN to RN bridge online degree program is meant as an articulation course for licensed practical nurses (LPN) to become registered nurses (RN). By availing this program LPNs can obtain advance credits for their RN programs. The LPN to RN bridge online degree program enhances the skills that LPNs have acquired and readies the students for their role as an RN.

An aspirant to the LPN to RN should have an LPN registration or he should be eligible for an LPN registration in the US. At the end of the LPN to RN course, you qualify for the NCLEX examination that is compulsory for becoming a licensed registered nurse.

This is a three-credit course and at the end of the course the LPNs earn around 15 credits for their RN degrees. These advance credits mean that an LPN has to spend less time and effort in acquiring an RN degree. This program helps working LPNs to move up the career ladder and become RNs. It is an excellent career option for those who wish to take advantage of the burgeoning demand for nurses in the United States. You can move into leadership roles and the experience will stand you in good stead when you decide to do an MSN.

While choosing an online LPN to RN check the number of students from that course who actually go on to acquire an RN degree, try and gauge the satisfaction levels of those who are taking the course and those who have finished it. There are many online forums where you can do this. Choose an LPN to RN program that offers you the freedom to manage your work, family, and studies. Look for programs that offer you the course on reduced fees or if you qualify for a fee reimbursement. A program that allows you to secure a place for clinical learning at your workplace will help you save on commuting time. Compare accredited schools and look for one that offers you the most credits.

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